Interior design for small business

Providing exceptional spaces for people and small businesses that do exceptional work.


Based in Milwaukee WI, TRP Design Group, LLC provides a CLEAR design process.

Our interior design process:

  • Conceptualize your space

  • Lead you through your options

  • Explain how your selections help achieve your goals

  • Apply the selections and work with contractors for you

  • Respond to your future requests for tweaks or additions


Intentional and engaging workspaces 

What types of projects do we work on?

  • Commercial office

  • Lactation rooms and/ or Wellness rooms

  • Education


Providing room for wellness

Creating a strong company culture to show employees they are valued is a smart business decision.

  • show not just tell your company values

  • support workplace equality by accommodating all your employees, men and women

  • recruit and retain talented employees

  • build loyalty with happy employees and happy clients

  • companies that support company culture over profit earn more

  • provide work spaces that support the work to be done


TRP Design Group, LLC helps small businesses get clear on their project needs to create engaging spaces for their employees to work in and their clients to visit. 

Here’s how we can help:



Office design projects can be overwhelming. Share your ideas with me and together we’ll make your ideas a reality.