The value of a Wellness Space

Everyone has a personal life. With a work force of 2 or 2,000 it can be overwhelming keeping everyone happy, something most employers just don’t have the time to stay on top of. I feel those various priorities can be addressed with a Wellness Room. A space that all employees have access to where they can go during the course of the day to support their physical, emotional and mental needs.

People may use this space simply because they just came out of a bad meeting or phone call and just need to be by themselves for a bit to collect themselves. No one really wants to cry or fume in the bathroom. Or perhaps an employee wants to talk to their manager about something and with a lot of offices having glass partitions this space could provide more privacy.

If someone isn’t feeling well or perhaps they were up with a small child all night a quick nap might be just what they need to get through the rest of the day. It helps no one if an employee is a zombie at their desk because they are tired. Providing a space for that nap allows them to be much more efficient for the rest of the day. For employees that breastfeed and need to pump by providing a clean private space they will be much more comfortable and happy that they have taken care of their baby that they will be able to get more done.

For those spiritual needs, many religions require their followers to pray at certain times of the day for holidays or general daily prayers. A conference room may not be available, they may not want to pray in the middle of our currently popular open offices and heaven forbid the bathroom is where they have to turn to. By providing a space for them to pray they are feeling valued and will again give you their best.

A wellness space provides an inclusive environment for your employees and their needs. It shows them respect and that they and their values are important. That small space can pay dividends for everyone, your employees, your customers and you.

Tina Raasch-Prost