Lactation Room& Wellness Room

“Stress comes at us from all angles everyday.  Sometimes you need a quiet place to just come to zero.  By providing a wellness room you can support all your employees needs be it, physical, mental or spiritual.”

What are the benefits of a Lactation Room?

  • Reduces employee sick time for new moms and dad, breastfed babies tend to be healthier babies

  • Increases employee retention

  • Easy to implement; a table and chair in a clean private room that is not a bathroom that can be locked is all that’s needed

  • ROI of at least 3:1

  • Meet’s compliance with pumping in the workplace laws both federal and state

What are the benefits of a Wellness Room?

  • Designed to support all your employees

  • Provides a clean private place for people to pray in

  • Allows people to rest or come to zero at work rather than having to leave and take sick time

  • Allows conference rooms to be available for meetings

  • Fosters trust with your employees

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